Monday, July 18, 2011


Craig and I received a check as an early wedding present and we bought a new camera with it! We figured it is something we really needed as we got married and went on our honeymoon and started our own little family. Sadly, we didn't get to use it this weekend because it was POURING outside. We were getting like three inches of rain per hour. We are finally seeing some blue/grey skies so we are going to head outside this afternoon and try to figure it out.
upside....lots of tree frogs to catch

For the rest of the week we have program designing, hair trials, and the dinner menu for the highlights. I have also taken to doing one project a night so that they all get done. My goal is to have the whole wedding planning process done before my first bridesmaid hits the tarmac in Florida. (I am actually really good at getting things done way ahead of time, just look at all the papers I turned in days early in college.)  25 days and counting!!


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