Wednesday, June 1, 2011

The Burning House

I came across a blog today (with the help of black eiffel) called The Burning House. The basic idea is to think about what you would pick up if you had to run out of a burning house. My first thought would be nothing, I wouldn't be able to find anything fast enough in my mess of a room. But as I was thinking about it, I came up with these.

Aside from the dog these would be the things I would take. These branch out a little but thats because I finally cleaned up and I was not about drag anything out. So here it goes

1) Bunny: A must, my parents gave me bunny as I went to college (go ahead...laugh) and he has stuck around every night since. My first child will receive bunny and yellow bear (Craig's bear from when he was a baby) 

2) Craig's Letters: There is actually a container full of these letters in Charleston, this just happens to be the most recent one. They are a collection of over a hundred letters since we have been dating.  I am pretty sure I'd take a bullet to keep these. 

3) Laptop & external hardrive: These combine have six years of pictures and a music collection hitting around 3,000 songs. The songs would be a pain to replace, but the pictures could never be. 

4) Engagement Ring: duh. (Wedding rings came in! look for them on the blog soon!) 

5) Watch: First present Craig ever got me (he did good right?!) He only gave it to me because I had a huge black Nike watch that I wore with everything and he hated it.

6) Pearl Necklace: Craig and I have a long distance relationship and our first Thanksgiving he had a football game in Hawaii. I was generally in a bad mood that week because I wouldn't get to see him again until Christmas. Christmas came around and this is what I got! It is going to be my something old on my wedding day.

7) Running Shoes: I love my running shoes and would not be very happy if these got left behind. 

8) Lilly Pulitzer clothing: Basically because it would be too darn expensive to replace. 

What would you take with you? 

P.S. There was this really awesome time Freshman year of college when I experienced my first tornado. As a Girl Scout I was prepared and packed a very similar bag. My roommates (from the South) found this hilarious

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