Friday, April 15, 2011

little kid night.

I want to eat it all.
I was super tired from our intense softball game the other night (so we might have won 21-1) so I headed home early from school and proceeding to put my pajamas on around ohhh say 5:30. Then I made me some pancakes and watched Harry Potter all night. wonderful.

Above is how I hope the donuts at my wedding will look like. Just a pile of wonderfulness. I will be fattening myself up at the sweet table if you need me during the wedding.....

Also, Craig and I have added a new addition to the house decorations. It is going to go in the spare bedroom (the Lilly Room) and I am so excited
might look familiar....
Its a Lilly Print. A girl that works in the Annapolis Lilly Store designs and paints them all. She displays them all over the store and has tons of really cool ones. I think it will be really fun to have in a spare bedroom and it will match perfectly with the bedspread we got a couple months ago.

It is going to be a very fun room, our room on the other hand will be "gender neutral" which is why I think Craig is letting me have my way with the other room. As Craig put it, our house is going to be an interesting mix of things.

P.S. He saw the cupcakes from yesterday. He is already asking when I am making them. One of my friends pointed out while it might have no eggs to kill you, it does have 8 sticks of butter. Paula Deen had a hand in making this one....

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