Wednesday, April 27, 2011

last day of college classes/internship!!!!

I am so excited to inform you that I have made it to my last day of internship. The road looked very steep and never ending, but at the same time it went so fast!

Image #174137
if Craig and I took this picture I would end up in the middle of his back

I'll admit, I am attached to my students. (however not enough to not leave) but I am excited to graduate in a week and a half, get this wedding stuff done, and move on with life. Not to mention get paid for working a 40+ hour work week.

Image #176181
I've been dreaming of sunset photos (and trying to figure out how I am not gonna sweat)

pretty kitchen
Mom yours is almost done!

Craig is on his way here, a week and a half more of Auburn town, then its off to the parentals to the summer. 

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