Tuesday, March 1, 2011


Craig and I find out in less than a month where we will love. The roll of the dice for the first six months will come down to Charleston, South Carolina or Ballston Spa, New York. Craig and I minorly have our hearts set on Charleston because frankly I will whine and moan my way through six months of cold weather up in New York and Charleston is AWESOME.

I am trying to not get attached to our first apartment because I know that we will only be there for six months (the same reason I won't let Craig even look at these adorable townhouses on Daniel's Island) but I am so excited to get to decorate!
Craig and I both agreed that we don't want our home to look like a college apartment. We want to be grown-ups (ok fine, make it look like we are) and have a grown up apartment.
I love this version of a desk, however I need my drawers to hide my messes.
love the bed with all the pillows!
Here are some of the things that we have outlined that we like: 
1) a mix between Pottery Barn and something more modern looking
2) some really cool random things around the house (ie a nuts and bolts pig and a giraffe statue)
3) I still need my wonderful desk area that I have from college. My desk is actually a child's desk so it is small and fits me perfectly. It has a glass top with letters, mementos and pictures underneath
4) lots of pictures
5) fluffy comfy bed, honestly if I had it my way I would stay in bed all day
6) Avoid the college look

our goal in the next couple months is to pick up some of those random cool things and I have personal goals of finding cheapish ways to dress up a house ( remember I also want a small horse ie. Great Dane)

cool pillows made out of vintage napkins
full house

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