Monday, February 28, 2011

Brides by Lori knows how to sell their goods

I'M BACKKKKKKK! I survived hands down one of my hardest weeks of college and lived to tell the tale. BUT it is kinda boring so we will just chat about wedding things

remember when I said I wanted a short veil because I didn't even want a veil? I lied.

Ok well I didn't but when I went to try on my wedding dress, I had my heart set on getting a short veil. Until one of the sales ladies (same one that was with me when I went to buy my dress) told me that I was trying on a long veil and I didn't have a choice. Yes, that lady was bossy. To please her and my mother I tried the veil on and it was lovely. It is fussy and over the top but who the heck cares, it looks fantastic!

blows nicely in the wind

The lady then tried to go one step further, one step too far. She wanted me to have a BLUSHER. You know those things that you can wear when you go to Africa to avoid malaria. OR I can become a bee keeper after the wedding and re-use it. No thank you. 
My mom keeps telling me that I will regret it and my dad will be so disappointed if I don't wear one. So I proceeded to call my dad to ask him how much he cared exactly.  He told me if it cost money he wouldn't be heartbroken and then asked me if that is the thing that makes you look like a bee keeper. Madeleine: 1 Blusher: 0

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