Tuesday, February 15, 2011

the six months to go list

Its a big one.
1. DJ
2. limo
3. fix wedding rings
4. decide on wedding jewelry
5. bar napkins for fun
6. bridesmaids gifts
7. send email about collecting postcards to family
8. Thank you sign
9. decision about how to do hair
10. mason jars for dock
11. candles for dock
12. change bridesmaids' bouquets
13. make cards/wrappings for bridesmaids
14. rehearsal dress
15. bridesmaids' shoes
16. dress for leaving wedding
17. ties for groomsmen
18. make table runners
19. cake design.
20. picture station?
21. place setting (little thank you)
22. rent chairs
23.  special surprise for the guys
24. milkglass vases?
25. dessert table setup- trays, jars, etc
26. dessert table food
27. letter from Craig and I about the meaning of letters to us. Use for the dessert table
29. sign for dessert table
30. design invitation
31. decide on envelope liner
32. buy divine twine for invites
33. picture of family members on dessert table
34. readings for mass
35. ceremony music
36. out of town guest bags
37. reserve hotel rooms
38. alter dress
39. find  a cloning machine....make two of me


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