Wednesday, February 9, 2011

shoe dilemma

So i ordered all my shoes early last week (6 am Sunday Morning to be exact) and I was so excited. I was convinced  that I was going to love them all and have such a hard time picking between the three of them

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I bought these two pairs on Zappos. These could be sent to my house in Auburn. Well I received these shoes on Thursday and things were really looking up. I was SO excited to open the box. When I opened them, I hated both pairs. I didn't even bother to try them on. The white pair in reality are a dark ivory white and looked old ladyish. The pink pair's bow was HUMONGOUS and going no where near my feet. I was so bummed.  So it was down to the last pair which were sent to my parent's house in Florida.

These were the ones that my mom loved and I loved BUT were two hundred dollars. THESE ARE WORTH EVERY PENNY! I am in love. Of course my practical Maid of Honor, Kait, said, " you can't seriously be thinking about wearing those all day." She had a point. She has seen me at every stage of awkward and clumsy and there are some legit concerns there. Ignoring that, they are wonderful but it won't stop me from looking in ATL this weekend with my momma. I am thinking that my shoes could possibly have more bling.... :)
new pact. I will break in my heels before my wedding... meaning I will be sporting these every night in July around the house. I'm thinking new fashion statement.... boxer shorts and evening shoes :)

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