Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Online honeymoon/wedding shopping

one of my favorite ways to waste time on the internet (besides looking at wedding blogs) is online window shopping. I love perusing the web because my wallet is usually too far away from my bed to actually be tempted to buy it and I dont have to try anything on. These are wedding things I really want. AND in my personal opinion they are much needed, I mean what better excuse am I ever gonna get besides I'm getting married!

If you think Wednesdays go forever like me, has a wedding every hour that eases the pain.

love this kate spade bracelet on it comes with clear crystals.
perfect for a wedding dress :)
AND I could wear it again.

 Main image -
If I had to pick a rehearsal dinner dress right now...
AND well look at that, the bracelet matches
lovin' me some lilly

Maritime dress
this would be wonderful for a day at the beach.

Twisted triple-strand pearl bracelet
for a more classic wedding bracelet.
I have a very special necklace I think I want to wear that would match.
This might look nice, but is it blingy enough?

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