Tuesday, January 25, 2011

wedding veil....warning Craig don't look

My dress came in!!! My mom and I are going to ATL next month to pick it up. I am so pumped. We are waiting a little bit because we are responsible for storing the dress until the wedding in August. We are moving houses and I could see it getting lost and having a bridezilla moment.  We decided that we are not going to keep it at Brides by Lori to be altered because I would have to go up like two weeks before the wedding for my last alteration and to pick it up. Thats a bit stressful. We have also picked out a veil. Here is the only picture that looks decent.

ok I put this one up because you can see my veil better
ignore the creepy eyes
I thought about not having a veil period. I feel like its going to severely get in the way, I mean the point of the veil is to wear it over your face and be a blushing bride. Who wants to do that, I'm not embarrassed to get married, Craig might be though. We can get him a veil.... haha ANYWAYS I wanted a fluffy veil but nothing long and could possibly have me going headfirst down the aisle. You laugh but it could happen. I also joked about getting a veil like this....

I could see Craig asking me what happened to my veil on the alter

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