Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Winter Wedding accomplishments

I'm the idiot who sent save the dates without addresses. 

So the Winter List:
1) Gather all the pictures of my family at their weddings for the dessert table. Get them re done and find frames for them to go in.
2) Find frames for the Table assignments.
- repaint them white
- find scrapbook paper to put in the background
3) Make my own address labels. Realized I could do this in publisher. I can make them cute and so much cheaper!
4) ORDER, ADDRESS, and SEND save the dates. They will be at their destinations by December 24th or else. I actually leaving Auburn crack o dawn Saturday to make this possible. I have to have them out by the 17th. Holy cow.
5) find fun fabric for the dessert table. Hopefully some Lilly?
6) oh no big get a DJ
8) Find a mailbox and paint it white
9) Figure out Postcard deal.
10) Figure out Flowers?
11) Do something about my shoes, veil, and jewelry. Apparently I need those for when my dress comes in

So I got most of the list done. I missed the DJ appt when I got stuck at the Doctors for two hours ( He was debating whether I really had asthma and if I really was a competitve runner). My mom talked to them and they seem to have a pretty sweet hook-up, but I have to call them back.

The pictures from my relative weddings are thankfully sitting in matching frames on my grandparents bookshelf. I need to get the pictures re touch and still get the Schaefer clan's.

My mom nixed me getting a mailbox so soon because for 1) they are building a new house and are currently living in a shoe box and no where to put it 2) The idea needs to be hashed out more (Ditto for the postcards) 3) since I wrote this blog to put up, we have found a large white birdcage to slip mail into. Thoughts? picture coming this weekend

I have not finished my frames finding because it was at tjmaxx that has Lilly , fabulous heels , and stationary. But I have 5 and I need like 4 more and I'll be set. I have a feeling my mom will go alone and save herself some money

I really know that you aren't surprised I bought this. You must admit Barbie looks classy. 

Shoes, I don't even want to talk about. I need to make a decision soon so I have a time to buy a couple pairs online, narrow down the ones I like, and get the right sizes for them. Jewelry and veil I haven't even thought about

P.S. I added new blogs under "Pretty Things" so if your school/work  was cancelled like mine check it out!

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