Monday, January 24, 2011

Reception Decor.

This makes me panicky to even think about. Thank goodness for Patty and her calm ways. We were able to figure out centerpieces and linens.

Linens: For sure falls under crap that no one ever thinks about until they plan a wedding. We decided to go with a white linen with navy blue linen napkins to add some balance to the joint. Throw off the pink and orange a bit.

Ok, centerpieces. As of right now we are going to need twenty tables (cross your fingers we won't need more!) and we are going to have half of them with candles and the other half flowers. For the candles we are going to have one taper in a glass cylinder in the middle and three or four smaller candles going around it. My dream of having these tapers were shot down with the no open flame restriction.

Flowers, I decided I did want Gerbera daisies but I could no just do those alone. Every time I see a wedding with Gerbera daisies and nothing else I find it as kind of a let down.  Also I feared that the brightness of the daisies would be overwhelming. I decided that I would mix hydrangeas and other flowers to create texture and to add something more appealing to the eye. 

These are similar to what I am hoping for.

My biggest fear of all this is that she has no pictures of arrangements she has done for the flowers or the candles. It makes me nervous because I can't envision it and I don't have control over it. So please pray!

The head table is going to be a family style table with candles going down the length of the tables. I decide it would be more romantic and frankly I'm a pyro so I'm gonna end up playing with them

Lastly, vases. Patty uses clear vases for all of her arrangements but I saw these vintage milk glasses and just can't help but want them on my tables. 

Image #128347
Call me crazy but I think they add a lot.

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