Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Craig's Area

Ah the honeymoon. Thinking about this lovely vacation is getting me through every crappy day of internship and every temper tantrum I want to through over this wedding. This is strictly Craig's job though. I will be helping with the ideas of where to go and what to do but that is it!

Ideas so far.....

1) European Cruise
  we run into problems with this with timing. We wouldn't be able to leave until the week after our wedding and get back until the day before Craig needs to go back to work. (As of right now, I will be playing happy much for that college degree)

The things I would do to go here

2) Montana
  No, I am not even entertaining this idea. However, Craig is. I told him if I couldn't wear a sun dress and a bikini I would be unhappy. He claims it will be warm...yeah maybe between 12-3 everyday
pretty, yes. Would I ever agree to wear hiking boots on my honeymoon. NO

3) California
   This as of right now is our best possibility. Big Sur and Napa Valley with cute Bed and Breakfasts are right up my alley. and sun dresses can  be worn
I have always wanted to go here

Needless to say we will not be going on a traditional honeymoon. But really its us, no one should be too surprised

P.S. Ballston  Spa , NY-- one of the homestead possibilities in August had a high of 9 degrees yesterday

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