Thursday, January 27, 2011

wedding registries


As I have said you would have thought this would be a lot of fun. No its stressful! Mommy #2 (also known as Mrs. Sharon) graciously finished this unpleasant job for me. She LOVES to shop and is really good at making lists and getting everything you need done. Not to mention she knows all the good stuff. She really made the point that we have nothing because I am fresh out of college and well he is a guy. However, I am tempted to register at a third place, Pottery Barn, for the simple fact that I am dying to have a collage wall at my house. I would literally be the happiest girl ever. I have all the pictures picked out for it. This will be my first big buy with a big girl paycheck. And if you register at Pottery Barn you are entered to win a honeymoon. 

yes I know I really need to get off this.

Now for some registry highlights....

steam shark: hopefully  up to the task of  a Great Dane
pretty sure I have wanted this since forever
pretty enough to take to a party 

Fiesta Ware: it just makes me happy

Monogrammed Pint Glasses, Single-Initial, Set of 4
Pint glasses for Craig...yes we remembered him. Actually, who are we kidding. He is
so gonna benefit from the kitchen stuff...boy eats like a horse

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