Friday, January 28, 2011

Taking a Break.

I'm taking a break from designing the wedding invitations (yes, I know what you are thinking...bad idea) and looking at something else that has been occupying my mind lately. I'm getting a new house next year with a boy roommate! This means that a whole new place to decorate! Bad news though is the boy roommate (Craig) will seriously disapprove of any pink or super girly-ness in our house. Ok I can compromise. I LOVE white comforters and am determined to have a super fluffy one. He has agreed to this.

i love decorating

look at all the colors you can add :)

Elements of Style

On another side note. My mom and I are having some major disagreements about the shoes. We have found all these pretty ones, but they are all four inches high. I have major issues with shoes in the first place and they rip my feet apart. We are trying to find shoes that I will wear all day and not end up barefoot. I think that these would be perfect. They are a perfect gold, wedges, and Lilly. Call me, text me, leave me a comment. Are these not appropriate for under a wedding dress?
I have a feeling the answer is no.


  1. personally wedges are the only thing I can wear all day but the strap between your toe might suck a little bit. I have a pair like this and my feet don't hurt but they really hurt in between my toes. Is it bad luck to try them out before to see?

  2. if you wear those then we get to wear the gold resort lily wedges if we want to my mom is getting them for me for my good midterm grades


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