Thursday, December 16, 2010

Pre-Christmas Festivities in the Collins House.

Sorry I've been slacking. I received Save the Dates on Tuesday and I'm pretty sure I have been writing addresses ever since. They are really cute, I ended up going with the first choice. Of course, my grandmother came in and said "Why in the world are some of them in black and white. I don't like that." Whoops, again accommodating everyone is not gonna happen. My "command center" allows me to sit and watch TV at the same time as writing addresses. Needless to say around the 50th one I wrote my neat handwriting went down the drain. Oh and I messed up my tailbone so I'm sitting at an odd angles.

my command center.
You better believe I was not this dressed up just to write addresses. I was dressed up for my annual daddy daughter Christmas shopping date. This basically takes place once a year in order to save my mom the trouble of having to return all the gifts my dad picks out. Instead, she hints all fall about what she wants and it is up to me to brow beat my dad into buying it. This is how the conversation usually goes. Dad: What about this? Me: No, that's stupid. She doesn't want or need that. Dad: But its so corny/funny OR well I like it. This is what happens when I show him what she wants. Me: Dad, yes this is it, this is what she wants. Dad: ARE YOU KIDDING ME?! Look how much that cost. She already has so much of this crap. Me: Yeah well she wants it so go pay for it.

that's a lot of love right there.

Dead Serious this happens every year. This year was easier because there are limited places to shop with no crowds. (If you want to get your shopping on, go to Northern VA.) The saving grace of this whole ordeal is that dad and I love to eat. This years food stop was Bonefish Grill for Bam Bam shrimp and some cocktails (three cheers for being 21!)

another daddy daughter tradition. Every outing...a picture

Look forward to tomorrow. We have colors, fabrics, flowers. In the meanwhile, I'm gonna be signing contracts and writing checks for vendors. Ho Ho Ho. 

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