Monday, December 20, 2010

Table Settings

Craig is here with me today! He is being useful and acting as my chair while I write this. Today we are going to pick out our wedding rings in Annapolis and going to Harry Brown's for dinner. I am getting my wedding band in platinum to match my engagement ring and Craig is getting gold. Why is he getting gold? Well my mom informed him that he was pasty and platinum would not help that. She also said she thought they looked girly. It should be fun though, I have new heels that I need to test drive. Rana Mehr's momma was asking me if I had picked wedding shoes. Nope, still looking for some good ones. We'll see if I can manage four inch heels today to determine the height of my wedding shoes.

BUT before all that Craig and I are going to see if we can find more of the fabric I liked for some of the table runners. Stephanie (the wedding planner) suggested that I use table linens in a color other than white because it adds color and they are the exact same price as white ones. Also, I wanted for the head table, guest table, and head table I wanted to create table runners to add something special to them.
and this one but in shades of light orange (think dreamsicles and tangerine)

This is one of them, it is more pink in real life.

My mom and I went shopping for fabric. I might have turned into a bridezilla (rumor, not confirmed), I couldn't find any fabric in my colors that I liked. We finally around 6 pm (we started at 11) we found a quilt store with the perfect fabric but just not enough of it. So now the hunt begins to find more of it.

Image #122831
I'm dreaming of something like this

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