Monday, December 6, 2010

Lauren Kinsey!

We have a photographer! I became  obsessed with her website as soon as I saw all the wonderful pink everywhere. She has been very patient with me as I forget to email her back and all my indecisiveness that leads to about a million questions every time I talk to her.

She sent me two complete weddings that I loved, but the weddings on her Facebook page are beautiful! After I saw them I was convinced that she had to be a part of my wedding. Plus, I mean she likes pink what else could I ask for.

She has a contest also for 2011. Every bride can enter a couple pictures of them and their fiancée, the story of how they met and their engagement and the best one wins free photography. So thats one project over break. I just need help picking out the pictures!!

lauren kinsey
lauren kinsey

lauren kinsey

So that was a big weight off my shoulders. I really wanted a photographer that I would love and look back and be happy with the picture. Three cheers for finding one!

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