Sunday, December 12, 2010


I have discussed colors with so many people. Craig and I orginally wanted lighter colors.  Everyone else kept saying they would not look good in a middle of the summer, sweat through your shirt type of wedding. We need something a little more bold. So of course we turn to my good friend Lilly Pulitzer for this. I was discussing the colors with my friend Emily and she said I should use my scarf as inspiration.

So the colors are centering around a lighter orange and fuscia.

This was the attached email to me:

Steps for the best wedding ever:
  • Show this to the flower people and say this is what I want for your colors. Let them be inspired and then pick what you like. Maybe don't wear the scarf to the consultation you might seem a little crazy then.
  • From your primary flowers pick your main 2 or 3 colors. 
  • Email lilly and ask/demand for a few free yards of it for your dessert table
  •  Consider getting an accessory for the bridesmaids in one of these colors. Or their shoes could be in these colors, but all different colors? Could be cute or tacky. Maybe bangles would be better. 
  • Consider wearing the scarf as a turban during the ceremony.
  • Buy me the dress in the pictures as a thank you.<3

Finals suck spent like 45 mins on this instead of work whoopppps 

She pulled out all the colors to see the variations I can use

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