Thursday, December 9, 2010

extreme wedding planning... Christmas edition

 I start interning at Auburn High in January. Apparently, I will have no life, I will feel like a failure, and I will never ever want children throughout the semester. Seems fun right?! This does come from a lot of people who don't want to teach but I know the no life thing will be very true. In my heart I know I will want to dedicate all my time to my students but that won't happen if I do not feel like I'm in a good place with wedding planning.

So the Winter List:
1) Gather all the pictures of my family at their weddings for the dessert table. Get them re done and find frames for them to go in.
2) Find frames for the Table assignments.
       - repaint them white
       - find scrapbook paper to put in the background
3) Make my own address labels. Realized I could do this in publisher. I can make them cute and so much cheaper!
4) ORDER, ADDRESS, and SEND save the dates. They will be at their destinations by December 24th or else. I actually leaving Auburn crack o dawn Saturday to make this possible. I have to have them out by the 17th. Holy cow.
5) find fun fabric for the dessert table. Hopefully some Lilly?
6) oh no big get a DJ
8) Find a mailbox and paint it white
9) Figure out Postcard deal.
10) Figure out Flowers?
11) Do something about my shoes, veil, and jewelry. Apparently I need those for when my dress comes in

I'm so happy Craig has time off and can help!
this will make this list look like a walk in the park

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  1. OMG! I love the idea of getting your family's wedding pictures and putting them on the dessert table. Love Love Love It!


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