Sunday, November 7, 2010

wedding activities with Craig

Craig is a rare breed of boy. He cares (or atleast pretends to) about things that most guys wouldn't. For instance, he will notice a new color of nail polish or a color scheme for our future kitchen.

Yes, Ladies and Gentlemen we have embarked on one of the better parts of wedding planning. Gift registering. Not because you get stuff but because you get to walk around with cool zappy things in the store and women  with small children look at you sigh, and say I remeber those days and walk away. True story she didn't look very happy.
I know...Don't tell me how cute I look...

Anyways we plowed our way through William and Sonoma without him saying a peep. He even headed the fact that we needed a color scheme. Which is stainless steel with pops of bright color (hello fiesta ware) It was partly because he had a full tummy AND his second cup of coffee but i think he enjoyed it too. In fact he loved it so much we went home and did another one at Crate and Barrel.

Craig's lunch.

It seems wrong to put stuff on a list and be like I want this. You feel like you're 7 again begging Santa for gifts or just 21 and broke and begging your parents for some new shoes. (Thats just hypothetical...who does that?)  You don't realize how much crap you need for a house until you sit down and look at your handy bridal book telling you that y'all need a gravy separator  even though you don't like gravy (we didn't get one)

AND we saw something that can't go on our list. My Great Dane, which happens to be one of the most expensive dogs you can buy. So this weekend we also established a doggie fund. They are awesome! We met one yesterday that came up past my waist and Walter (thats the dog, I feel like these dogs either need old man names or super girly ones) was considered small. Ours is going to be named Lily because you guessed it Lilly Pulitzer. Yey!

seriously, how could you not want one?

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