Wednesday, November 3, 2010

best friends

presents :)

I may be biased but I really do think I have the best friends. We met in 8th grade and we gathered some along the way (hello danielle and kait!) but we have remained close friends throughout college. Everyone attends different universities but we have our girls we see often during the school year with big gatherings during the holidays
we won best friends in high school

So today, after a very very long week with a tail I came home from the doctor to a suprise. Do you know that scarf that I posted on this blog. Well it showed up on my doorstep this morning. I guess once they realized that I didn't get the scarf they all pitched in to help buy it for my engagement pictures. 

We manage to graduate High School, college is looking promising
I was so happy I cried. Not because of the fabulous scarf (its pretty fabulous) but because they all still thought of me so much after four years being separated that they would coordinate all this just to surprise me. Thank you for being my friends witnessing my first kiss (hello new years), hooking me up with an awesome prom date, and helping me look great for my engagement pictures. I Love y'all!!

we'll see if we get jobs....

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