Monday, November 15, 2010


Well I caved for like 3 hours on the no wedding stuff until Friday deal.

Reasons why:
1) I spent a hour trying to figure out how to make this blog look prettier. Hopefully sometime this week it will be.
2) received wedding album from last photographer.Spent 45 minutes looking at it. Not exactly what I was looking for. really disappointed.
3) looked for new photographer. Lauren Kinsey has a very pink flowery website. Not going to lie, it made me call her. Also, she had a wedding on that caught my eye awhile ago. Another one was Michelle White, we got her name from my neighbor who used her for her daughter's wedding.
4)  My mom made an appointment with another cake person. yum. Had to go look at her website, delicious. Apparently, she will let you use as many cake flavors as you want... this could be dangerous

Image #86925
Love love this cake. However, do not like lace in real life
Oh, yeah last night I decided that I needed to pick out some choices for our first dance. Getting a little ahead of myself, of course.

Josh Radin's You Got What I Need

and eventually I will find out how to embed video correctly

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