Sunday, November 14, 2010


After this weekend, I required coffee at 5 pm. This was suppose to be a good post BUT my uncle, the priest, I am telling you he is a talker! a ten minute phone conversation took oh you know around 40 mins. Don't you worry, sticking to my word about passing senior year I was reading the correspondence of Revolutionary War General Tryon. Yes, I was that bored with the conversation that something written in 1779 was fascinating. Again, kids bring snacks. Its going to be a long one.

Image #110248
Ok, I really like these for some of the tables. We are going to have 25+ tables at this wedding so I might have half flowers half something interesting. Do I really want sticks on the tables though? I like those ball thingys

P.S. quote of the weekend. "We have a friend getting married, we are mature now. No crying sessions when we drink"

now to put my caffeine and General Tryon to work. fineee, I'm off to write my weekly letter to Craig.

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