Thursday, November 11, 2010

creative and fun ways to seat people

Ah the seating chart. It can make or break how fun a wedding will be for guest. We have one but only because of the staggering amount of people that are invited. Don't worry I'll be very considerate when I got about making these lovely shindigs

Well the how to seat people? We want to place a cute little enevelope with a message inside on every place setting with the persons name on it. So how would people get to those seats? Hunt? haha well that would be funny.

Other ideas, use a chalkboards? large signs with flashing arrows? A butler? ok maybe not the butler. BUT then I fell upon this little gem.

Image #98789
fun, cute, way cheaper than stupid place cards. So I did a little stalking (I mean research) on this bride's blog and all she did was find different frames at Marshalls and spray painted them white. Then she used Microsoft Publisher to make the names (in alphabetical order), split them up and stuck them in a frame. I can do this...

end result...

SO Pretty! now to just pick out some colors for real....

UPDATE ON PASSING SENIOR YEAR: still failing, but honest effort to not. My professor said I shouldn't worry. ( I think she has a great dane or just a really big dalmatian.) I also kissed no butt during that office hour visit, big deal. did all my work on time today also!

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