Friday, November 12, 2010

wedding party

2 favorite things. J. Crew and Lilly. Several of my bridesmaids threaten mutiny if Lilly was worn. Nor did I want an explosion of floral on the alter. leaving J.Crew. It took me about five mins to settle on dresses. They all got the same color different styles. Yey! rana mehr is already talking a brunch date in this dress after the wedding. double yey!

Silk taffeta bow monde dress
most popular dress pick. tell me its a color belonging in the military and
I will punch you. Its very pretty in person. its not khaki for goodness sake!
Funny story. girls already have their dresses. Is it because I am on top of things, of course not. Is it because I am a Bridezilla, ask someone else. No because the lovely Michelle at J.Crew told me they were on sale and to get my butt in gear. She was really nice, I recommend her to anyone. I wanted to steal her and make her plan my wedding because she used to work for which is my favorite.

here it is people. Boys will wear Navy suits. some form of a tie. girls are wearing fawn (champagne color)

Italian wool Ludlow two-button suit jacket with double-vented back
stunning. good thing two of them are my bros and they will love whatever
I pick.

In other news another great mom comment: (this is a phone call) 
Mom: family friend is getting married in April 
Me: OMG thats crazy, so soon, so much to day
Mom: you know some people are low key and don't need all of this. Some people are simple. 
Me: are you calling me a brat? 
Mom: no, I'm just saying you are high maintaince 
^ this coming from the woman who added a 100 people to the list since I've seen it last  

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