Friday, October 29, 2010

The weekend

Its Halloween Weekend! We have a lovely weekend packed with fun wedding things and shopping of course.
Heres the list:
1) find a costume: just kidding hehe
2) Go make custom stamps for wedding things. They will be used on letters, welcome things, etc.
3) work on something special for the guys coming to the wedding
 * note: I am doing my wedding in the summer, not the fall during football season. In my mind thats all the special they need.
4) Seeing a wedding and flowers at the reception place!
5) finishing up engagement outfits

For Craig we have:
Nice outfit: suit pants and button down
Casual: j.crew shorts and half zip?

Factory lambswool half-zip sweater  
Nice outfit: Red Dress with a black belt and wedges
casual outfit: Jeans, shirt and scarf.
Decision  between boots and wedges will have to be made this week
Factory wool-Lurex® plaid scarf                                Murfee Scarf - Multi Stemina
whats reasonable                                  vs.                       what I want
oh well.
Get to see Kait! :)

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