Thursday, October 28, 2010


As we all know I love food, not really biased on the kind. But usually the more sugar in it the better.  We are planning on doing a dessert bar with all kinds of yummy things that Craig and I eat. Namely peanut butter, oreos and donuts.

I want our dessert bar to be different than most peoples and look like my friends Willy Wonka and Ben and Jerry helped out.

So we are thinking:
Peanut buttter for dipping purposes in martini glasses
Cake Platters full of donuts
oreos in jars (every kind of course)
hershey kisses in fishbowls
and all sorts of other goodness

* note on the hersheys kisses: I used to load Craig up on my "kisses" if I wouldn't see him for awhile. Basically just an excuse to eat. haha

Its going to be delicious, fat, and fun (and not this pink sadly)

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