Monday, November 1, 2010

errands errands errands

My family can be on time for nothing. We habitually run 15 minutes behind the rest of the world, so of course we were late to our appts. this weekend. I guess better they know now rather than the day of the wedding

My new favorite phrase: Mom, we should get it. I could really wear that on the honeymoon. This resulted in a lilly bikini that I have had my eye on for some time. 

Mom's new favorite Phrase: Aren't you broke? Yes, well I am only under your care for a short time longer. We should really make the most of it. 

We also met the florist, I'm not going to lie I loved her but she also scared me quite a bit. She agreed to do our flowers, in the condition that I wouldn't meet with her until I knew what I wanted and my mind was made up. Basically I have one chance to get this don't screw up 

We are also going to make the dock behind the reception place a pretty little romantic place with lots of candles for the wedding. This is mom's project


Think these two combined to see what we are going for. (and that is my wonderful mother who calls me Bridezilla)

Also we met Bethany Brown for a potential photographer. She is very nice, I showed up wearing sweatpants and a t-shirt and she barely even blinked an eye. 
I also believed this women was on drugs until I saw her espresso shot because she is SO HYPER. She was like me after not running for a couple days and eating spoonfuls of sugar. However, she is really fun and has a lot of interesting ideas for pictures. BUT she also mentioned it would be ok to get my dress dirty. haha false Bethany Brown false

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