Thursday, October 21, 2010

Theme for wedding...

Do weddings even need a theme? Who knows but we are gonna have one, it makes me more organized and besides its cute. Our theme is going to be mail. why mail?  When we first started dating Craig would leave me little notes inside his mailbox in the morning for me to pick up on my grueling 5 am 8 mile run.One of his better ideas was to leave a Little Debbie Brownie with my note. So I carried a brownie the rest of the run

Thus started one of my favorite things we do for each other. About once a week (usually  for me, I like to talk) I would send a letter out in the mail. well this has now gone on for a year and a half. Letters and cards are all over my room. Some from my friend Bridget. Others I just liked, so what the heck I'll frame it.

But here is some inspiration from around the web that we are using for this theme.

erin hearts court
love the vintage envelopes as place cards

erin hearts court
vintage postcards!

we are going to try to carry this idea throughout the wedding with the gift bags for the out of town guests, save the dates, the guest signing, and the reception. We'll see how we do.

Pictures from: style me

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