Thursday, October 21, 2010

Day One

Well this was the crazy idea of the day. Deciding to do this was dreamed up at 6 am at the gym. This is meant to be the place to bounce ideas around about the wedding that is less than 10 months from now. I am so excited! People take for granted sometimes the people that they care about the most. While long distance is not ideal, I feel like it is going to help us once we get married.

We are a little into this process. (Thanks mom!) But we will start from the beginning. Engagement!
Lets preface this by the fact that I had not seen Craig for a month before we got engaged. Actually, we have never spent more than two weeks together. Anyways.

      We missed the Auburn v. Clemson game (Auburn won!) to go down to Florida. I was a little surprised by this because it was College Game day and we all know that Craig loves football. But anyways woke up on Saturday morning at my parents house and did what we always do, ate oreos for breakfast. We had decided a long time ago that we were going to go jet skiing out in Destin, so we went out there and I wasn't in the greatest mood. Fact is I dislike water and Destin has that and a lot of Sharks! It ended up being fun though, followed up by an epic go-kart race which I won!
    So anyways we went home to go run. Which didn't happened, I watched Say Yes to the Dress and he read in the living room. After awhile he asked if I still wanted to go fishing. Eh why not and heck why I am going to shower if we are just gonna go fishing. I'll just throw my hair back in its nasty ponytail and wear little kids clothes from target. But whatever. We went down to the dock by my parents house to fish with my father. I  caught the ugliest fish you will ever see. Dad got "bored" and went to drink with mom (they are retired) so it was just Craig and I on the dock.
     We were sitting there talking, we had given up on fishing and Craig was acting a bit strange. He has this nervous habit of checking his watch when he has something to tell me. Well here started the moment that changed everything forever. He asked me if I wanted to fish one more time before we went to dinner. Of course my first response wasn't yes. Never give me a choice between food or anything else. Anything else will lose. Well he convinced me and told me to pick a lure out of the tackle box and he would take it from there. Well well well, inside my father's tackle box was a little velvet box. And the rest from there is history

sealed with a kiss!

almost dropped the ring. bad

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