Friday, October 22, 2010

engagement photographs

Something we considered doing in Florida over Thanksgiving but when I went to his house on Daniel's Island there was no way we were doing it anywhere but there.

The Hunt begins...
    This was the first wedding thing I attempted on my own without the help of my mom or Martha. Also when I realized why weddings take so long to plan. First, there are about a million different photographers with similar and different styles of photography.
First we wanted Richard Ellis- a Pulitzer Prize winner with a Pulitzer Prize winner Price. We were also worried he would take it super seriously and we would be stressed out that we weren't doing things right.

moving right along....we called like five other people. But again they seemed rushed, not very interested in us and generally not what we were looking for. Until we found
 Stephon Blackmon-We loved him. He is young. Everyone that he photographed looks like they are having a great time and he loved Daniel's island. We booked him. 3 weeks until the day!

my point exactly.

Now what to wear? suggestions?

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