Sunday, July 17, 2016

um, 6 months?!

I am not sure how the last time I posted was at 2 months. I have written multiple posts that I have never finished. I am happy to report that everyone is alive and well over in these parts. It's hard to imagine now ever being pregnant much less having a teeny tiny newborn (I have been known to look over at Craig and say I want a squishy baby again). The biggest thing I laugh/roll my eyes/cringe at is that I kept telling Craig, "oh, things will settle down once she arrives." Jokes. We have continued to renovate our house, go to weddings, see family, and try to squeeze in some fun activities for just the three of us.

On the renovation front: We have taken down 30 years worth of wall paper, busted two pipes, re sodded the front yard (by which I mean Craig, I don't believe in dirt), got trojan horsed by some roaches (I have a finger for how I feel about Lowes right now, little did we know we bought pet roaches with our brand new dishwasher), finished 99% of the painting, and have a GIANT snake fall from our garage door.  I have done 30% of this work and Craig's done 70%, but team work makes the dream work y'all.

On the Nimitz front: He wishes Isla would go back to wherever she came from, especially now that she can crawl and pet him. She doesn't take no for an answer so Nimitz has retreated to higher surfaces, namely our bed. Every once in awhile he will come lick her obsessively and then walk away. He also got attacked by ants this week so we spent some more quality time and $$$$ at the vet.

On the sleep front: I  really can't complain.  We did our version of sleep training.She started sleeping through the night around 2 and a half months (we usually get a solid 12 hours) and naps okay. Every once in awhile she will sleep until 8:30-9 and we wake up feeling like we won the lottery.  Sleep regression for her however has been the WORST. At 4 and 6 months she has been awake every 2-3 hours during the night crying. We are more in favor of crying it out (and so is our doctor) so its has been some looooong nights around here.

Movement: everywhere. Confession: we didn't think  Isla could crawl enough to get over pillows if she woke up from a nap on the bed, but we were very wrong about that and she fell off.  She thought it was funny (which is not a good sign for things to come) and I was hysterical. Needless to say, I will take one for the team and nap with her next time. She loves going after Nimitz, crawling to the swiffer, sitting in her high chair, and her little thumper foot.

Personality: Isla is a combination of laid back and oh my goodness what kind of attitude are we in for.  She thinks smiling is the best (as long as she has her mouth wide open) and these fake laughs. She LOVES taking pictures and will start smiling as soon she sees a phone. She will laugh uncontrollably to random/weird sounds and being squirted in the face with water. Perhaps the best part is that she loves some snuggles finally but I can't help to think that she's starting to butter us up for that car when she is 16.

Everything else: We are still breastfeeding (!!) and she is eating real people food about twice a day. I think her favorite foods so far are cake (a clear winner), eggs, and avocado. Isla loves tearing up paper and tags. Isla loves to stare at Craig and give him some big gummy smiles when she is supposed to be eating.

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