Wednesday, July 20, 2016

everyday beauty routine.

Routines are everything in my life these days. My beauty routine since becoming a momma has been streamlined so I can put make up on everyday.

Hair:I only wash my hair twice a week, I am currently not running which makes this possible. When I start having more dry shampoo than hair, I wash it. My hair was super frizzy and unmanageable (thanks Florida..)when I got pregnant so I started on Aveda's Smooth infusion a year ago and I have seen a MAJOR difference. Before I hop in the shower I use two pumps of Keratese Oil (I have had my bottle for a year and a half if you are wincing at the price tag, I know I did), then I use Aveda's smooth infusion shampoo and conditioner, when I hop out out the shower and use Aveda's naturally straight. I think the Naturally Straight has made the biggest difference in the Florida humidity but my hair doesn't hold curl as well anymore. I usually braid it in a loose braid to dry and then use Julia's top knot tutorial to put it up. These hair ties are the best! I wish I could wear my hair down more but Isla has a jealous streak and keeps trying to pull it out....

Make up:
If I am moving I can get this done in 5 minutes or less.
I start with Juice Beauty moisturizer, my bestie just got me hooked on it, and  Benefit's puff off. Then if things are really ugly, this corrector, followed by Bare Minerals Stroke of Light (more sleep). I am about to bite the bullet and buy this Laura Mercier tinted moisturizer (you can literally smell the sunscreen, which is perfect for Florida) but right now I usually go without anything or use my bare minerals foundation. I swipe on bronzer and blush on top. For my eyes, I apply eyebrow filler, my beloved eye bright, and then mascara. Has anyone else noticed that lately benefit's mascara has been really dry after just a few uses? I am open to a new brand if anyone has any loves!

I keep a roller perfume and lip balm in my diaper bag. My mom got me the Tory Burch roller for Christmas and it is heavenly. That's it.  I try to do everything from showering to getting dressed in 20 minutes or less everyday!

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