Tuesday, November 17, 2015

t minus 8 weeks

I haven't check in lately about this babe!

Emotions: I alternate daily (okay, hourly) between being SO excited about our babe to being anxious and worried about what our life will be like afterwards/ if the babe is healthy. Luckily, I have gotten to the stage of pregnancy where there is always something to be doing to prepare so that helps a lot.

Physical: I finally got a belly. I just looked overweight and bloated until about 28 weeks but now lots of belly. I still work out about 5 days a week but there is a lot more walking involved.  I also added pure barre  videos along with my regular cardio/strength training class. I have pulled my round ligament muscles a few times which I HIGHLY discourage. so much pain.  In the last week or so I have been much more sore with less activity, I guess all those hormones are starting to kick in. Oh yeah, and chasing first graders. Love me some first graders these days

Eating: Well,  I have gestational diabetes. womp womp. The doctor has no idea who I managed it but it has def been a big bummer. We stick to mostly soups and salads around here because I can barely look at a carb much less eat one. I am okay with sugar as long as I am really careful with my portions (one cookie is a tease, a half donut is even worse). Poor Craig has lost some weight and I have def. slowed down in that department.

Drinking: So much water and occasionally hot chocolate (with almond milk for calcium). Anything other than that makes my blood sugar too high.  Do yourself a favor and NEVER look at how many grams of sugar are in a starbucks drink, you will never have one again.

Wearing: Well, in some ways this has gotten better. Pure barre and my weight shifting to my belly allow my pants to fit with a belly band. I haven't bought any maternity clothes still but I think I am going to have to buy a few things to get me through the next 8 weeks. Swing dresses and Lilly Pulitzer tops are my favorite.  It is still SO hot here which allows me to wear dresses most days.

Gender: time will tell! I have been buying a few gender specific things here and there since I am in the return policy time frame. I think it is a girl but Craig is so calm it could be a boy. I see pros with either. Just want the babe to be healthy

Nursery: hahahha such a joke. I have found it really hard to do the nursery when I don't know the gender but I am struggling through. I finally settled on all the art work and linens so now I just need the furniture and finishing touches. oh and a rug. and to see the floor and clothes. HA

Baby: The doctor is predicting that it will be 7lbs or a little under. Baby is also kicking a ton all the time. The kids I work with like to pat my belly and tell me I should name the baby after them. They also like to ask if I am going to bring the baby to school with me. Baby likes the mornings a whole lot and my ribs. I have to lay down more because sitting is uncomfortable

best moments: lots of kicks. talking to craig about what baby will be like. Picking out tiny clothes. working on the nursery (sometimes). Seeing my friends with their babies.

not so great moments: trying to figure out how to make everything work when the baby gets here, getting more uncomfortable, panicking about how to get everything done, missing holidays with my family, falling at the gym ( I was fine just embarrassed!), needing a million pillows to sleep.

I would love to know what any mommas out there did to prep!

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  1. It is so wonderful that soon a new life will come out from your belly! A moments of waiting for this happy time are unforgettable!


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