Friday, November 20, 2015

mom minimalism

For some reason when you are pregnant people love to tell you how your life is going to change (for the worse), you aren't going to sleep, and forget about taking care of yourself. I find it a little unnecessary especially since every baby and family is different. Plus, for crying out loud, its an adorable baby!

Luckily, I see the message in positive terms. Get a routine that is quick and easy going BEFORE the baby comes.

skin: My skin was horrible for a few months after I got pregnant so I had to work really hard to get it under control. I finally found using my clarisonic 2x a week and using clinque skin products have made a huge difference. I use the toner and lotion along with the brightening mask about once a week. That little sample kit shown was perfect for deciding what full size product to buy.  ( I still use cetaphil face soap. so cheap, so effective). My goal is to have my skin to a place where I don't have to use foundation unless I want to. 

coverage: I usually use Bare Minerals powder. But for just hanging out around the house I will probably swipe the tinted moisturizer on instead of using lotion. Two birds, one stone. I used it last winter and I loved it, although sometimes it looks a little greasy. 

Tired eye dream team: If nothing else gets on my face, these little products will.  Each of them individually are good but combined I can look like I got 10 hours of sleep and took a vacation. My only complaint is that the Bobbi Brown concealer can look a little heavy so I might switch it out for Bare Minerals stroke of light. The lineup: puff off, corrector, concealer, eye bright, mascara
*the Bobbi Brown is def expensive but a little goes a long way! just make sure you use a clean brush. I have had mine for 6 months and I am only about halfway through it!

Of course, this routine won't happen every day, but I have it down to 3 minutes flat so hopefully most days I won't scare the mailman! 

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