Sunday, June 14, 2015

something other than j.crew?

Anyone else excited and nervous about the new shake up at J.Crew? My friends and I were talking about it last night, it has been a long time since we were really excited about an item at j.crew. I love the brand but I also know that I sometimes shop there out of habit since the clothes are relatively well made (which isn't so true as of late) and I know my size (even though the tops are getting wonky in sizing). 

I have been trying to break out of J.Crew a little bit, in case things aren't as preppy and wonderful with the changes and for variety in my clothes. Here are some places I have been looking instead.

Kohls: They have some really cute dresses for summer. The Milly Collection is really cute and has a great price point.

6pm: They have a ton of major designers with things a fraction of the price. I have purchased Lloeffler Randall flats to running gear.
you have to buy off seasons for the deals. Like these majorly marked down beauties

Tuckernuck: I think what J.Crew is best known for is their basics. Tuckernuck has the same basics but better quality (and you won't run into someone else wearing it)

Ann Taylor: Another one of my favorite retailers getting the stink eye... Loft. Sometimes I wonder. Anyways, it's sister store is doing it right this summer, with pretty classics and colors.

Madewell: One of my best friends swears by this store. I like some of the clothes and can't get enough of the shoes but it's kind of a needle in a haystack situation for me. I think I just have to peruse the site more often.

Ebay: I'm not kidding! Some of my greatest finds are from ebay. I love a lot of things I can't afford but I can hunt them down on ebay. Or find that dress I loved and lost and replace it!

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