Friday, April 11, 2014


I go through phases where I can't get enough of looking for art online. I score etsy for hours and look through Pinterest to discover new artists. We have less than a year left in our current house but I can't help myself, I keep decorating! I am FINALLY almost done with our room (such. a. process.) but I am at a loss for what to put on the walls. I have come to the conclusion to buy what I love and see what it ends up looking like.

Britt Bass: I have a weakness for abstract art. I love the colors that she uses in her prints, I never say no to a hint of neon.

Evelyn Henson: I love her city prints and I especially love the idea of an "adventure" map. How cute would this be to customize in time for Mother's Day?!

Lulie Wallace: She is an artist I have loved for awhile but sells out so fast. She just got two new beautiful prints in for the month of April. Don't make my mistake and wait! They go fast.

Pamela Munger: I saw this artist on Mackenzie's blog the other day and I fell in love. The prices make it even better. Here is another artist that does florals and most are SO cheap (under 10 bucks)

Laura Dro: I like her prints because they are a little outside the box. I LOVE the pink pineapple print

Teil Duncan: She is another one that has been on my radar but never has prints. She just got prints in for April. I love nothing more than a good beach scene. It is my happy place!

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