Thursday, February 13, 2014


Oh gosh, the first year of teaching is similar to a treadmill that you can't get off of! I really enjoy it and my kids are hilarious (you want to have a conversation about Valentine's Day? 8th graders are who you should talk to!) but other things are getting swept under the rug. One of my favorite things lately is to get up early on Saturday and enjoy coffee before I take care of everything that didn't get done during the week.

My dad got me a Le Creuset French Press for Christmas. It's so much prettier than a glass one (but it's much harder to see if you are going to overflow it) and it keeps the coffee warmer. It puts a smile on my face whenever I use it :)

My most recent book: It is a great movie (be warned: it's not fast pace. You have to like history and art to appreciate it) and a story that I have never heard about. I am excited to read the book and learn more. 

French Press: I like to use really strong coffee such as Starbucks french roast. These canisters grace my counter and I love the spot for the coffee scoop

Jonathan Adler Mug: We are about to get rid of all the mugs that came with our dishes (if anyone is in the market for fiesta ware mugs, let me know!) and replacing them with bigger, prettier mugs. The perfect mug makes coffee better. 

Design Darling Blanket: Greek Key and pink, I don't think there is a chicer way to hang out on the couch!

Whats your Saturday morning routine?


  1. An Auburn graduate with an elephant mug? Jordan-Hare stadium will come crashing down!

  2. love that greek key blanket!
    happy valentine's day madeline :)


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