Wednesday, November 6, 2013

big BIG news

I got my first teaching job! It is only part time but it's a foot in the door and a smile on my face. It's daunting to have students looking up to you and the pressure to have them learn not just history, but to be better people in the course of ten months.

Moving on, Washington skipped over the rest of fall and seems to have dived straight into winter. I am working hard to stay warm and awake (this time change, I want to crawl in bed at 6!) these days. Here are a few things working for me.

I confess, I usually spend most of winter time in my pajamas and slippers. I'll change into them as soon as I get home even if it is noon. I have been looking into new glasses and I am loving the new warby parker winter collection. I drink more coffee than I care to share, I am always washing my anthro mugs to use and I usually switch to tea in the afternoon (unless I am feeling brave then it is Starbucks!). Any of y'all have secrets for staying warm?


  1. Congratulations Madeleine! How exciting for you!! What grade? That's fantastic I'm so happy for you!

  2. I am a huge fan of the anthropology mugs! super cute!

  3. Congratulations! It seems like we hunker down in a similar way:)


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