Tuesday, October 15, 2013

the great pumpkin date

I love holidays, so does my dad. Growing up, we were the first people in our family running out to get a pumpkin, to set a tree up, or to smoke the turkey. It was funny that in high school between cross country and soccer practice, my dad would set up shop to carve our pumpkin. Then in college, if I was lucky enough to be home around that time, dad would have one ready. 

Did I think anyone took notice? Nope. I was wrong though because about a month after we got engaged, Craig shows up to Auburn (it still freaks me out a bit that I got engaged in COLLEGE), pumpkin in hand because he knew I wouldn't get a chance to carve one with my dad. Ever since then, the great pumpkin date has become tradition. 

my senior year of college

and this year.


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