Wednesday, August 28, 2013

rehearsal dinner

My twin brother is getting married in a month! He is marrying one of my favorite friends from high school which makes it even more special. It also makes it SO much easier to plan the rehearsal dinner because I know her so well. It is at an italian restaurant with exposed brick walls and touches of black, it can't be any more perfect for a backdrop. SO without further ado: the planning stages


I looked to my "dress me" board to get color inspiration. Its at the end of September so it's not true fall but still not summer. I thought navy and emerald with touches of gold and black would be elegant (a little Great Gatsby too!) but doesn't scream either season. 

matchbooks/XO/bar/table runner/place setting

I dubbed this event the "Last Supper" only because most people know that my family is super Catholic and we often give catholic nicknames to things (most of which aren't appropriate which gets us dirty looks from my grandmother and my uncle who is a priest). I have gone as far as getting cocktail napkins with the last supper and the date on them! One of my other favorite details are the monogram matchbooks that have  the couple's new monogram on them. I bought the XO online and they will be getting a coat of spray paint for the cake table. I got really stuck on the place cards because I wanted them to be unique but have a purpose. I thought getting small tags with emerald green velvet ribbon that attach to wine stems are perfect so people don't lose their drinks as they move around the room. There are so many other details I am working on that I will share when they are done! 

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  1. love those outfits! and it cracks me up that you called it the last supper!


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