Thursday, August 29, 2013

another one bites the dust

Yesterday was a fateful day, my iPhone finally has done the one thing that it wasn't allowed to do (if it wanted to stick around), the sound stopped working. Well, it technically works if I have headphones in but thats a bit ridic. I am going to put up with it ONLY because there are promises of a gold iPhone in September, or at the very least one with a better battery life coming out. I can't wait for a new case, it's been so long!

row one: tortoise, gold (in case they are terribly wrong about the new color), leopard (it's a neutral), bobbi pins
row two: Lilly (my all time fav), chevron +mint, vintage, monogram
row three: clear (in case they are right!), rifle paper (been dying for this one), studs, brights

anyone else excited about the new iPhone rumors?! I would also love to hear what case you have!

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