Tuesday, August 6, 2013

fall essentials:

Tory Burch. I have avoided the Tory Burch craze until recently when their flats have become to cute to ignore any longer. Until we moved to Washington, I never had to wear flats for months at a time (honestly, I would still usually wear flip flops to run errands during the winter months in the South) so I never worried about spending too much money on them. I have officially learned my lesson this year after wearing my flats for 10 months out of the year and watching shoes fall apart on me. It's time  to invest in these beautiful flats for the time that we have remaining here. My question for all your Tory lovers.... are these flats worth the money? Are there some other brands I should look at? (pssst. I can't wear j.crew ballet flats. they are too wide!)

the prep: the winner for the all around best flat, I feel like I could wear these with everything. AND they are not black or neutral, which is the big win. 

the new neutral: I bought sam edelman flats in leopard last year and I adore them. They literally go with everything without feeling silly or too much pattern. I wore them so much, I have no idea if they will make it through the fall. 

the lady: o.m.g. patent leather, toritose shell chic. I want them and need them to polish off all my outfits and pretend I am Audrey Hepburn, obviously

the worker: I love driving mocs. They are my best friend for errand runs because I can wear them with or without socks. They also look great with simple long sleeves and jeans so I can get to errand running and not waste my weekends!


  1. I have a wide foot, so the J.Crew flats work really well for me; however, I can't help but drool over the Tory Burch flats. I've tried to avoid it like the plague, but they're just too adorable and I've heard rave reviews regarding their comfort and quality.

  2. I love my pair of Tory Burch flats! I have the Revas, so I'm not sure if the fit is the same as the other styles you featured. I have feet that are more on the wider side, so at first my flats were like walking around with knives in the side of my feet. They did stretch over time and still leave rub marks after a year of wearing them, but since you have narrower feet you should have no problem!



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