Monday, July 1, 2013

monday lovin': special edition, baby!

A dear friend of mine had her baby this past week! Craig and I couldn't be more excited for our friends {and ourselves, we can't wait to hang with the little one}. She knew my love of shopping and decorating so I went with her to look for things for the baby.  I have worked with babies a lot,  but at 24 my eyes were wide open when I heard of everything a baby needs! I had a really good learning experience shopping with her and found that the rule of thumb to remember when shopping for a gift is practical, pretty, and unique.

Babies are pricey and as much as moms love getting clothes, bottles and diapers are just as (if not more!) loved. Try to split your gift in two parts: something unique that the momma will love and something that is very much needed (I'm looking at you boring bottles!). I also learned that baby gear is so fashionable that you can buy things they really do need without it being boring at all!

biscuit home crib sheet: They can never have enough of these. Babies are cute and messy so having a couple more (stylish!) ones on hand are always welcomed. 

knit hat: This is darling, perfect for newborn photos as well as keeping the baby warm!

monogram pillow: small touches to help the decor in a baby's room is never a bad thing!

baby swing: this is the lazy boy of baby swings. I would be lying if I said we didn't sit around this thing fascinated by all the things it could do, like playing music off your phone. It is pricey but a couple girlfriends could go in on it

quib bib: this is one of the things I saw and it made perfect sense after. It is double sided and much easier to get off. Your friend will be so impressed by this gift

animal print shop: Add a touch of whimsy to the baby's room with these darling prints. I really want them for my own house...maybe I can decorate around Nimitz's bed ;)

chewbeads: they have tons of styles and colors of jewelry that is meant for babies to chew on. They are
actually really cute AND practical. 

mobile: They are custom made in the animals that you choose. I love this because it can grow with the baby 

headband: this entire shop's prints are to die for! I can't get enough of them

swaddle blankets: these are super necessary and moms need as many as they can get. These are
the very best and come in awesome prints and colors!

Have any of your friends started to have babies? What did you give as a baby gift? Happy Monday!!

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  1. I have three nephews all under the age of two and i love buying them little things! I'm in love with that knit hat and that sweet pink headband - lovely picks!

    xo jen
    Pearls & Lace


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