Friday, June 7, 2013

how to hang a gallery wall...

right the first time.
I hung all the pictures together in the living room for a few days to make sure I liked them together
I had Craig hang a small gallery wall above my desk and it didn't go so well. I didn't know exactly where I wanted everything and how to make sure everything was level before he came to help. (when you are putting nails in the wall of your rental you should know.) It resulted in about 10 holes too many and a not so happy husband. You can imagine how pleased he was when I told him that I wanted to do a big gallery wall on our vaulted ceilings in the living room. After finding the pictures, a framer, and waiting a very very long time to get it all together it was do it right the first time. 

two of Craig's favorites.

The first thing I did when was I traced all my pictures on paper, made a dot where the nail would go, and labeled them. I also measured the length of the wall and made a line on the ground so I could space it out correctly. I am happy I did that step first because I didn't have to move the pictures after I configured them. 

a quick shot before Nimitz stepped/ played with the frames.
 Then I hung the paper on the wall to match what I had on the wall. (keeping it real..
nims is camouflaged on our couch, sleeping in our clean laundry. scoundrel)  The biggest problem I had was spacing out horizontally but I was able to move the paper really easily and without having to boss Craig around

the finished project! Craig went back with a level to make sure that the pictures were {mostly} level. Have I mentioned we have a fireplace we cover with our couch? It's awful looking. 

picture from our honeymoon// love watercolor// hermes print from the hermes scarf book//
french shirt done by me inspired by this// andy warhol print// print from kate spade book//
wedding picture// poster-vintage from my great aunt

ee cummings quote// girl in water print// Nimitz as a puppy// print from the 

I already have plans to add to the gallery wall! A vintage watercolor of Charleston row houses is going up next!

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