Wednesday, June 5, 2013

around here final

a print from Kate Spade's Things We love book ready to be hung

Nimitz attacking aliens or just his favorite toys

$2 guest bathroom upgrade

coffee table vingette with baby cactus all covered up so Nimitz doesn't try to eat them as a snack

Kate Spade watch that Craig got me for my birthday

seafood at Pike's Place

nimitz is almost two and its our second Washington summer. this is our view from our 2x daily walks

more seafood because I apparently love it ;)

Craig drinking beer at a new-to-us brewery. 

peonies from Pike's Place and a cheery tablecloth

Craig's favorite picture from our wedding hangs in the gallery wall. He would get a fist pump in

date night pizza. we forgot to thaw the dough so we dressed up a plain cheese pizza. way less to clean up which just means more time to drink wine!

Nimitz and my twin snuggling when my brother's came to visit. Nimitz loved all the attention

a view of our gallery wall. I will be posting soon about how I got it up in one try and no extra nail holes.

Summer grilling. We don't have AC which makes it impossible to cook inside when it's warm

my new all time favorite lilly dress that was a surprise from my in-laws on my 24th birthday

well there you go! the happenings around here! You can follow on instagram to see
all my shenanigans ;) how have y'all been?   

OKAY people: how does everyone get their iphone pictures in pretty even well sized collages?!!?! 
Am I missing out on a blogger secret or am I just struggling for no reason. 

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