Tuesday, May 21, 2013

working out is hard to do

Well, it's official. I am out of shape. Moreover, I am out of a routine. I ran track and cross country in college and never fell off the wagon until now. So sometime around our Charleston trip, I kind of just stopped worrying about my fitness because I also have really bad asthma which makes springtime the pits and I didn't feel like messing with inhalers and pills. So here I am.... going into summertime not exactly in summertime shape. I am going to go back to my old ways in a BIG way. Here are some things that I know help or I am planning on doing:

see me? I am the one with terrible posture

one: cut the wine! When I stop drinking wine at night during the week, it forces me to drink water AND consume less calories. 

two: don't walk in and rifle through your cabinets for a snack. Know what you want before you walk in, it helps stop the mindless handfuls of food you eat while deciding. 

three: put snacks in your purse. I may have stopped at McDonalds for french fries and iced coffee more times than I care to share in the last month. 

four: do lunges! (bonus points if you do them with light weights) they make your legs look better almost immediately...plus they are easy. also, squats with your heels pointed inward really work. 

five: work towards a goal....whether it is a fitness event, a wedding, or a vacation. have something in mind,otherwise you will find Ellen to be the best choice in the afternoon. 

six: smaller portions OR healthier meals. I make a rule that my breakfast (oatmeal-sticks to your ribs and makes it hard to be hungry!) and lunch (always with an apple!) have to be healthier but dinner can be whatever but no seconds unless I eat salad first. It is hard to have super healthy meals and fill up my husband every night. 

seven: 8 minute abs OR this workout every other night (if you do ab work every night it is not as effective, it breaks down the muscle). I always do them while watching TV. 

eight: find a workout buddy OR join gym that you can't avoid after work. I am joining the one that I have to pass to get into our neighborhood and I can walk to 

nine: Download Nike Fit Club or do this workout for the days that you feel like you just can't work out. both can be done in front of the TV
lastly, start slow. don't overdo it the first week. you have your whole life to be healthy

anyone have workout tips? I will need them today!


  1. I'm with you on the weights with the lunges thing! Totally transformed my legs and I never thought it was possible! I do those Jillian Michaels 20 minute sets from the 30 day shred, and they've really helped me get ready for summer. You can definitely get back to where you were Madeleine, you've got it!

  2. Feed your social animal - our local running shop has informal groups that meet for running, find one of those so you're not relying on just one other person to go run. Rowing is a great whole body, no impact workout and by it's nature is social. Seattle's got a lot of rowing opportunities.

  3. "stick to your ribs" is exactly how I describe oatmeal!
    I follow a lot of those same rules (need to cut back on more wine during the week...) Having buddies to work out with and a goal in mind are always the best motivation tricks! Something that has helped me (but I'm still working on: Meal planning, I find it helps save me money at the store and calories when I plan ahead for healthy dinners :)


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