Thursday, May 30, 2013

popping in!

at 88 keys, a dueling piano bar in Seattle
Hello! Things were C-R-A-Z-Y around here for a bit. I bounced back from the baby shower, into a full week of work, to a full house of family, and a few days in Seattle for adventures. We had 17 people over on Friday to meet my family {do you think we like to show them off just a bit?!} and rounded out the night with a ladder truck showing up at our house. I never though so many people in their mid twenties would get excited over the firemen being called to our {controlled} fire pit.

feeding the zebras at Olympic Game Farm, ohmygosh I love taking people there. The reactions are priceless

May was so much fun for many reasons, now the ultimate game of catch-up. I am looking a master's program {more on that later}, annoying appointments, and oh yeah, getting back in shape. If I was being honest, the weather here has me really down. It's 50 something and rainy, yesterday I seriously considered buying a ticket to my brother's house in Arizona. The sun is supposed to peek out soon and I have a couple of great posts lined up. I am happy to be back! {just don't make me promise to be here five days a week, I have proven that won't/can't happen!}


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    1. I haven't decided! I am in between an MBA or interior design


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