Tuesday, May 7, 2013


I am going to try to do this on a more regular basis now that I have finally been able to sync my mac and iPhone. It may be time for me to upgrade to the iPhone 5....and not drop it as much as I drop my current phone!

row 1:celebrating Cinco De Mayo in the backyard//my new kicks that I wear EVERYWHERE// Folley Beach, South Carolina, I was in heaven!

Row 2: My favorite street in Charleston complete with blooms// stalking beautiful homes in Charleston// The best {hottest} walk yesterday, Seattle had the highest temps in the country!

row 3: My gallery wall in the making, hopefully to be complete this week!// endless stripes from J.Crew's sale, now I am in the middle of spending freeze {thank goodness my birthday is Friday!!}//
us being silly with the dog, who loves hates it

how are y'all doing? 

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  1. I organized all of the stripes in my wardrobe the other day. Too many-never enough!



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